Lemartec Completes Grove Bay Marina Hangars, Strengthening A Historic Miami Landmark

The historic air and sea gateway to Miami has been restored and strengthened with the completion of an important construction project that consists of the retrofit and renovation of two historic steel hangars located in the heart of Coconut Grove. Rebuilding the iconic hangars rather than repurposing the land allows the district to retain the view residents and visitors have enjoyed for decades. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

Will Miami City Hall In Coconut Grove Be The Next Municipal Domino To Fall?

In 1954, the Miami City Hall moved into the former Pan American Airways System terminal in Coconut Grove, where it currently resides. The question is now whether as Miami negotiates a deal to build an administration building beside Miami Freedom Park, will plans include a new city hall, freeing the city’s historic Coconut Grove home for something else? CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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Coming Soon: A \”Little Bahamas\” In Coconut Grove?

Advocates are looking forward to designating the West Grove as the \”Little Bahamas of Coconut Grove\” as a way of bringing back the culture and economic energy of the historically Bahamian community. The proposed area will include the Village West Island District and the Charles Avenue Neighborhood Conservation District south of U.S. 1 and west of McDonald Street. CLICK ON THE HEADLINE FOR MORE

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