This Hot New Waterfront Spot In Coconut Grove Just Opened. Here’s What It Looks Like

The latest place to eat, drink and play on the waterfront is now open in Coconut Grove.

Regatta Grove, the long-awaited entertainment venue on Biscayne Bay in the spot of the former Chart House, just opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony and a party with a DJ, cocktails for all and samples of what diners can expect from some of Miami’s top chefs.

Giant fans keep guests cool at Regatta Grove in Coconut Grove. (PHOTO CREDIT: Breakwater Hospitality)

Located near the historic Miami City Hall building, the open-air Regatta Grove is a slightly more upscale Wharf, which makes sense: Breakwater Hospitality, the creators of The Wharf Miami and Wharf Fort Lauderdale, owns and and operates the sprawling new venue.

Breakwater has used a similar template in creating Regatta Grove while adding new design elements in keeping with the nautical spirit of that nearby marina. Breakwater co-founders Alex Mantecon and Emi Guerra, both Miami natives, grew up eating at the Chart House as well as the now-gone Scotty’s Landing and wanted to keep a Miami spin on the neighborhood.

“We wanted to provide something on the water that was still attainable, still reasonably priced that was going along with what was here before,” Mantecon told the Miami Herald. “We always felt we could do something well here.”

The focal point of Regatta Grove is, of course, the giant main bar with plenty of seating nearby. There are smaller bars on opposite sides of the sprawling property, too. There’s a kid-friendly area with ping pong and picnic tables next to the five food kiosks, which Grove Bay Hospitality Group curated and will operate.

Diners check out the vendors at vendors at Regatta Grove. You can eat at nearby picnic tables. (PHOTO CREDIT: Breakwater Hospitality)

On the other side, there’s a DJ booth and club-style seating, with the restrooms nearby styled like shipping containers.As you might imagine, this isn’t a place for quiet contemplation on the water. It’s a party, with loud music, lots of laughter and more variations of mojitos than you might have believed possible.

Regatta Grove also sits next to the outdoor Bayshore Club, which might seem like overkill until you realize the former is more of a hangout place with food vendors and the latter is a full sit-down service restaurant. Both concepts are based around a big bar, and Bayshore Club’s cabanas and lawn space are a little more roomy. Regatta Grove has the better view of the bay, though.

Here are a few other things you need to know.

Where To Park

Grove locals have it good — they can ride their bikes or walk. The rest of us are relegated to nearby lots that also serve Bayshore Club, where you can use the Pay by Phone app. At night, parking is at a premium, so consider using your favorite ridesharing app.

What To Eat

There are five vendors at Regatta Grove, all led by notable chefs:

  • Michelin star-winner Jeremy Ford’s JJ’s (Guilty Pleasures), which serves burgers, tacos and some excellent truffle fries.
  • The Piefather by Chef José Mendin, which serves pizza and some truly good meatballs.
  • Sunny Side Aussie Bites + Ice by Chef Janine Booth, with oddities like Australian pies and sausage rolls as well as the more familiar-to-Miami empanadas (don’t sleep on the Australian pies, though).
  • House of Birds & Drop Biscuits by Chef Kenny Gilbert, with Gilbert’s classic spicy chicken sandwich.
  • Tackle Box by Chef Jeff McInnis, which features everything from fish dip to chilled stone crab and caviar.

What To Wear

The vibe is coastal chic — which means you will see absolutely everything: designer pumps, tight dresses, flowy pants, shorts, dock shoes (there is a marina right next door, after all). The atmosphere gets more clubby as the night goes on, and there’s a doorman who can refuse you entry if you try to show up wearing the wrong thing at the wrong time, so keep that in mind. But note: This is an outdoor venue in Miami. You’re going to want to leave your jacket at home, at least until January.

The Weather

While some of Regatta Grove is not under cover — notably the picnic tables — the bar and DJ area are covered. Other tables are shaded by large umbrellas. There are enormous portable fans placed strategically around the property, plus ceiling fans above the bar area to create a breeze when Mother Nature isn’t in the mood.


You can reserve cocktail tables and you might want to think about that if you’re coming with a group on the weekend. Judging from the opening night crowd, this will be a popular spot, and getting a cocktail table on Saturday night isn’t guaranteed.


Source: Miami Herald

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