Coconut Grove’s Sushi By Scratch Is Elevating The Art Of Sushi

There’s no denying the omakase scene in Miami is burgeoning.

One of the latest to enter the scene this year is Sushi by Scratch, a hidden gem in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, making waves with its dedication to the craft.

On the heels of retaining Michelin stars at Sushi By Scratch Restaurants: Sushi|Bar in Montecito and Pasta|Bar in Encino, power couple and dynamic duo chef/restaurateurs Phillip Frankland Lee and Margarita Kallas-Lee officially put down permanent roots in the Magic City. Sushi by Scratch, a Michelin-starred unique omakase concept, redefines the sushi experience through its commitment to authenticity, creativity, and the freshest ingredients.

Like most omakase experiences, Sushi by Scratch takes its guests on a culinary adventure that celebrates the artistry and precision of sushi-making from the moment you enter. The 10-seat counter-only omakase den is manned by a team of three incredibly talented chefs and one innovative bartender ready to tend to the guests’ every need and wildest imagination. There are three nightly seatings — 5 pm, 7:15 pm, and 9:30 pm — that consist of 17 courses, each impressing the next.

Remaining true to its name, everything is indeed made from scratch, including the soy sauce, vinegar, and wasabi, ultimately creating a new culinary sensory journey.

“Although the flavor profiles of our nigiri may not sound traditional, our approach to nigiri is,” states Kallas-Lee. “Although the flavor profiles of our nigiri may not sound traditional, our approach to nigiri is,” states Kallas-Lee. “Our niche has always been our flavor profiles. Someone might be surprised when a perfect slice of Hamachi is painted with a sweet corn pudding and topped with a fine sprinkle of bread crumbs. But that one bite delivers a flavor you won’t forget and is also a call back to Phillip’s childhood and is designed to trigger our guests’ most beloved food memories as well.”

Led by Master Sushi Chef Hiroshi Ishikawa, who brings decades of experience to the table, the restaurant’s philosophy revolves around the concept of omakase, where the chef curates a personalized culinary journey for each guest. The foundation of Sushi by Scratch lies in its commitment to sourcing only the finest and freshest ingredients. Chef Hiroshi selects the fish and seafood from trusted suppliers, ensuring that every bite is a testament to quality and taste. Each ingredient is chosen meticulously from delicate cuts of fatty toro to buttery uni and briny ikura.

To complement the sushi experience, Sushi by Scratch offers an impressive selection of sake and wine, expertly curated to enhance the flavors of the cuisine. Sushi by Scratch is more than just a restaurant; it is a destination for sushi connoisseurs and those seeking an extraordinary dining experience.


Source: Haute Living

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