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The charmingly named Barnacle House was built in 1891 by Ralph Middleton Munroe, a widower from Staten Island and first Commodore of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club on the nearby bay. Initially designed as a simple bungalow, Monroe named it “The Barnacle” because he thought the shape of the roof resembled one.

Many Florida homeowners might be considering finding an insurance company to give them a better rate. But there’s little chance of finding one, especially if they live in the southeastern part of the state. Half a dozen independent insurance agents said that only a handful of insurance companies are willing to write new policies, and new ones are focusing on policies that are being handed over by the state-created Citizens Insurance.

#BlueGrove is one of four quarterly initiatives in the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District. This seasonal campaign focused on water-quality awareness, is connecting a series of interrelated events inspiring businesses to take a leadership role in providing smart, sustainable options to their customers and guests.

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