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Considered one of the top 10 outdoor art shows in the country, the Coconut Grove Arts Festival will once again bring Miami's beloved neighborhood to life as it celebrates six decades of creativity. The three-day festival will feature over 280 internationally recognized, jury-selected artists showcasing their works of art all along Biscayne Bay

On January 7, the epic affair will bring wacky costumes, vibrant floats, creative signs and live bands. Four decades, to be exact, as this year marks its 40th anniversary. The theme for this year is I Can’t Get No DeSantisfaction, sure to raise a few eyebrows and certainly maintain the parade’s reputation as a tongue-in-cheek affair.

In what lawsuits allege was a long-running real estate fraud in Coconut Grove. a judge just approved a settlement among parties with the most money at stake. The $33 million deal omits those who put $20 million down on homes and lots where, their lawsuits allege, the developer fraudulently delayed completion while collecting multiple deposits and obtaining loans on the same properties.

Lawsuits claim Send Enterprises, the company run by Douglas Cox and Nicole Pearl, intentionally strung buyers along for years, leaving their properties unfinished as they collected multiple deposits for the same parcel. At this time, it’s unclear how much of the down payments will be returned to the would-be buyers. The settlement proposal is set for a hearing before a Miami-Dade Circuit Judge.

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