Grove Central Achieves Both WiredScore’s Platinum Level Certification and Smart Home Designation

Grove Central, a new mixed-use multifamily development in Miami’s Coconut Grove neighborhood, is now the first recipient globally to achieve both WiredScore’s prestigious Platinum level certification and its Smart Home designation for delivering best-in-class digital connectivity and work-from-home capabilities for residents.

The newly built 23-story residential tower includes 402 apartments, extensive co-working & conference space, and approximately 175,000 square feet of neighborhood retail. The transit-oriented development connects to the adjacent Coconut Grove Metrorail Station and integrates directly with The Underline linear park, Miami-Dade’s bus system, and the City of Miami’s trolley network.

A champion of cutting-edge technology in real estate, WiredScore assesses and certifies digital connectivity and smart technology in homes and offices around the world, ensuring that buildings are delivering the best-in-class infrastructure that businesses and individuals require to thrive in today’s tech-driven environment. Achieving both WiredScore certification at Platinum level and the Smart Home designation highlights Grove Central’s enhanced experience for all residents with cutting-edge connection reliability, tech-enabled living, and superior internet connection speeds while working remote or streaming online entertainment.

Powered by Hotwire Communications’ 100% fiber-optic network, residents of Grove Central enjoy wireless 1Gbps speeds throughout the property with the option to upgrade their wired internet speeds to 10Gbps. These lightning-fast speeds allow for seamless streaming, lag-free gaming experiences, and blazing-fast downloads at speeds previously unheard of in residential settings. The backbone of this network utilizes dual 100Gbps fiber connections and a 10Gbps radio antenna backup on the roof, ensuring unprecedented bandwidth availability and reliability for all residents, along with Hotwire’s unmatched concierge-level service.

Grove Central was developed by a joint venture between Miami-based developers Grass River and Terra, in collaboration with Miami-Dade County.

“We designed Grove Central to offer residents a unique set of amenities and curated shopping and services. Key among these were cutting-edge work from home capabilities with onsite co-working and conference facilities, as well as digital connectivity at gigabit speeds unheard of in either home or office settings just a year ago,” said Justin Kennedy, Co-CEO of Grass River. “We are excited that WiredScore has recognized the significance of this investment in awarding their Platinum rating and Smart Home designation.”

“Grove Central was developed with connectivity and our community in mind,” said David Martin, CEO of Terra. “We are honored to serve as a model for the future of smart development bringing the best technology to our residents’ fingertips.”


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