CENSUS: Miami More International Than Ever, Residents Born Overseas Now At New Record

\"\"Miami’s population has been booming this decade. New census data shows that the area’s foreign born population (particularly Cuban) is also at a new record level, according to the Herald.

In the seven years from 2010 to 2017, the biggest growth in Miami-Dade’s foreign born population came from:

  • Venezuela – up 21,000, or 57 percent. Total population now at 61,000
  • Spain – up 29 percent. Total now at more than 10,000
  • Brazil – up 24 percent. Total at 15,000
  • Cuba – up 120,000, or 21 percent. Total now at 700,000
  • Dominican Republic – up 20 percent. Total now at more than 41,000
  • Southeast Asian countries – up 20 percent. Total now over 11,000.

Cubans now comprise 25.7 percent of the Miami-Dade’s population, compared to 23.5 percent in 2010. The Cuban-born population is also growing much faster now than last decade.

Central American countries have shrunk as a percentage of Miami-Dade’s population from 16 percent to 13.8 percent this decade due to lack of growth. The percentage of Haitians in the county remained the same at 5.8 percent.

Overall, Miami-Dade’s foreign born population reached a new record of 53% in 2017, compared to 51% in 2010.


Source:  The Real Deal



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