A Coconut Grove Bucket List: 12 Things To Do

\"\"Coconut Grove is not what it once was.

The old CocoWalk is gone, and a new development is rising. In old neighborhoods, charming cottages are making way for giant, zero lot line boxes. There was even a troubling wave of people shooting peacocks.

But there are still many good things to do in the Grove. After all, it boasts a Panther Coffee, Harry’s Pizzeria, Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop and a two-story Books & Books outpost now. There are lots of good restaurants and places to drink and if you can dodge construction debris, you can stroll around lamenting how much better it used to be, a beloved Miami pastime.

Here are twelve things to do before they get ruined like everything else:

1. Visit Vizcaya

Built as a winter home for pioneer James Deering in the 1910s, this national historic landmark features a stunning estate on the water, with gardens and art collections. You can take guided tours to remind yourself that you live in a hovel by comparison.

2. Take A Photo Of A Peacock

In the Grove, they’re regarded as beautiful creatures that define the community’s avant garde aesthetic or as annoying feathered iguanas who leave a mess in their wake. Either way, they’re a photo opp waiting to happen.

3. Sip A Giant Milkshake At Vicky\’s House

At Vicky’s House, you can be boring and order vanilla or chocolate if you want. But we recommend you break down and spend $15 on The Golden Girls. It’s a banana milkshake with a cream cheese frosting rim, Golden Grahams Cereal, toffee bits, whipped cream, caramel, a Twinkie, vanilla wafer and a homemade blondie with a cherry on top. If you can move after that, play a round of Mario Brothers before you go home and are overwhelmed with regret.

4. Get Your Drink On At Glass & Vine While Your Kids Play On The Playground

Happy hour runs from 3-7 p.m Monday through Friday at Glass & Vine. Drink $8 specialty cocktails while your kids romp on the nearby playground. We’re sure they’re perfectly safe.

5. Pretend You Live In Old Timey Times At The Barnacle Historic State Park

Take a trip to the Grove’s past at this historic house built in 1891 and now home to a variety of events and festivals. And speaking of events…

6. Unleash Your Inner Hippie At A Drum Circle

Join the Coconut Grove Drum Circle in an evening of… well, drum beating. The group usually meets at The Barnacle Historic State Park; follow its Facebook page for upcoming events.

7. Survive The Coconut Grove Arts Festival

The traffic is bad and parking is a nightmare, but this is a rite of passage if you live in Miami-Dade County.

8. Find Tranquility At The Kampong

Engage in peaceful reflection at this nine-acre national tropical botanical garden (not to be confused with big sister Fairchild).

9. Get Inappropriate At Monty\’s

Monty’s on Bayshore Drive has been pouring beer and shucking oysters for 50 years in the Grove and has witnessed every shenanigan known to mankind. This waterside bar and restaurant opened in 1969 and urges its happy-go-lucky patrons to “forget about life for awhile.” Stay there too long at the Friday night happy hour and you’re likely to forget your name and good manners, too.

10. Walk Past The Shuttered Coconut Grove Playhouse And Wonder About Its Future

The historic Coconut Grove Playhouse has stood vacant for 13 years, and the saga continues with no idea what’s going to happen to this attractive old building, So go see it before it becomes a condo.

11. Eat Flan Made From Mushrooms At Ariete

Michael Beltran of Ariete thought using mushrooms in flan was a good idea. Hey, Ariete, what’s next, dulce de leche made from cabbage?

12. Go To Or Participate In The King Mango Strut

Held on the last Sunday of the year, this satirical parade mocks everything and everyone. Choose your target wisely and you could become a legend.


Source: Miami Herald




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