South Florida Realtors Seeing Influx Of Buyers From New York City And Other Large Cities Amid Covid-19

\"\"Some realtors are seeing pandemic fueled demand, a big increase in New Yorkers and people from other large cities moving to south Florida due to Covid-19.

Many industries have taken a hard hit during the pandemic, but south Florida realtor Justin Himmelbaum says he’s as busy as ever.

“Everyone is calling from those bigger cities saying wow, how can we buy these $300,000 homes and really have more property and more safety,\” says Justin Himmelbaum, The HOME Team at KW Innovations Boynton Beach.

He has had to resort to virtual showings, not only for sellers who don’t want potential buyers walking through their homes amid Covid-19, but for clients who live out of state.

“We have seen a lot of people like this who have been coming into our inbox daily, it has almost been a daily thing at this point,\” says Himmelbaum.

Many northerners fleeing the coronavirus have set up shop in South Florida and some say they never want to leave.

“There’s a lot of people moving from these big cities, New York, Boston, New Jersey, where Covid is really serious because there is a lot of people in a very condensed area, so what we’ve seen is those people reaching out to see if they can get a cheaper priced home, or something with a little more land where they can be a little more comfortable than in their shoebox apartment in midtown Manhattan,\” says Himmelbaum.

In fact, Himmelbaum is currently looking for a home for a young family moving to Palm Beach County from Boston.

“They can work remotely so they decided why don’t we go to Florida where we can have some land, be closer to family, and it was just a perfect storm,\” says Himmelbaum.


Source: WPBF 25 News


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