Shared Workspace Büro Opens 10,000 SF Coconut Grove Location

\"BuroBüro, a provider of modern workspace for entrepreneurs and creative professionals, has opened it’s newest location at 2980 McFarlane Road, in a chic and airy 10,000 square foot space in Suite #200.

Since opening its flagship space in 2010, the Büro community has grown to include over 300 dynamic companies across 4 South Florida locations (Midtown, SoBe, MiMo and the Grove).

Inspired by a growing co-working trend in the US and Europe, Michael Feinstein founded Büro in 2009 to provide the ideal work environments for today’s entrepreneurs, freelancers, independent professionals and small businesses.

“We successfully identified and capitalized on a gap in the local office market,” said Michael Feinstein, Founder and CEO of Büro Group. “Startups and creative professionals are not well served by standard office leases and cookie-cutter corporate spaces… Büro’s flexible, stylish and collaborative workspaces are a much better solution for these individuals and growing companies.”

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