School Of Rock: Testament To The Enduring Power Of Music In Coconut Grove

To quote legendary Australian band AC/DC, “For those about to rock…we salute you!”

The soul of Coconut Grove is truly artistic and the School of Rock stands as a testament to the enduring power of music in this community.

Laura Sintes, owner of School of Rock Coconut Grove, recently shared with Miami’s Community News her organization’s mission and her overture, — and the unique services it offers. As part of the Coconut Grove Business Improvement District (BID), School of Rock plays a pivotal role in enriching the local arts and music scene there.

Miami Community News: Let’s start right off with your mission and services.

Laura Sintas: School of Rock enriches lives and to inspire kids to keep the music alive using a performance-based approach. We put on shows to teach music, not the other way around. Each group is comprised of the five essential ingredients of rock: guitar, drums, keys, bass, and vocals. We also offer introductory group sessions for kids ages 5 to 7, as well as lessons for adults.a

Miami Community News: What sets you apart from other music learning programs?

Laura Sintas: What makes us stand out is the community building component. All attendees are part of a band with peers of a similar age and skill level. Showing up to a band rehearsal ready to perform is great motivation for kids to practice their instrument. They end up getting better at it faster than if they were just taking individual lessons.

Miami Community News: How long has the School of Rock been in the Grove?

Laura Sintas: School of Rock-Coconut Grove opened in February of 2021. The Grove is such a vibrant neighborhood where the arts have always been at the core of its culture. School of Rock is a great fit for the Grove business district.

Miami Community News: Artists such as David Crosby, Joni Mitchell, and The Jefferson Airplane used to hang out and even perform around the Grove. Does this history ever spill over into your work?

Laura Sintas: Of course it does! The Grove is a true gem and yes, we often include music from some of the iconic artists that have made an impact locally such as the ones you mentioned in our seasonal curriculum.

Miami Community News: Are graduates of the program stepping out to perform on the “bigger stage?”

Laura Sintas: As a matter of fact, our very first School of Rock Coconut Grove House Band recently completed a four-day tour and performed at Summerfest, the largest music festival in the world. They performed alongside some big names including Earth, Wind and Fire and Dave Matthews Band.

Miami Community News: What is it about music that is important for people to learn?

Laura Sintas: Live music is a lot like a sport. Some players can be great individually, but if they are unable to work with others, the team won’t be successful. Our band rehearsals teach kids about collaboration, patience, and perseverance. These are skills that spill over every aspect of their lives.

Miami Community News: How do you foster a sense of camaraderie among students?

Laura Sintas: School of Rock is all about building community. In a time where face-to-face social interaction became scarcer, we provide a safe environment where kids could interact with others who share a common interest. Maybe some students might feel like they don’t fit in socially in their academic school, but they all call School of Rock their “happy place.”


Source: Miami’s Community News

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