3525–3527 Day Ave rendering

LEED Certified Residential Project Adds Value To West Grove Area

\"3525–3527One of the first projects sealed with LEED certification is adding value to the West Grove neighborhood in Coconut Grove.

As soon as the developments at 3525–3527 Day Ave in Coconut Grove were finished and sold, they were recognized as strong assets to the real estate market. The sales raised the bar and standard prices per foot in the West Grove area to $600 per square feet.

The project is part of the company\’s “Green/ECO” vision under CWV’s umbrella business CWV GO using low consumption home appliance with solar panels, thermal comfort and LED lightning systems.

LEED, standing for \’Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design\’, is an innovative platform. To build within the LEED standard means implementing strategies that derive pure sustainability. CWV is making this possible by taking the lead in the residential market by using Green materials and Smart technology.


Source: The Free Press

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