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Beloved Coconut Grove Arts Festival Officially Returning In 2022

\"coconutWhile the introduction of in-person events in 2021 has been met with both enthusiasm and caution, the first festival to return at full capacity — with no social distancing or outdoor mask-wearing required — is officially on the horizon.

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival (CGAF) is making its grand return in 2022 during President’s Day weekend, February 19-21, and not only will it feel just as it used to, it is slated to be bigger than ever before.

Since its inception in 1963, attending the scenic, tropical festival in Coconut Grove filled with art vendors and delicious food stands has become just as quintessential to living in South Florida as experiencing Hurricane Season (and if you’re a South Florida native, there’s good chance your parents or even grandparents used to attend the festival).

This is why, after 58 years, the City of Miami has approved a full-capacity festival. And even more-so? The festival has even been expanded one extra day, making it a three-day event with even more art and street vendors for visitors to enjoy.

So, what new activations can you expect in 2022? Ticket-holders will experience more live art activations than ever before, and according to organizers, those interested will be able to create artworks of their own.

Attendees will be able to see, hear, feel, and even smell how art is created from the ground up. “We’re excited to expand our already great offering of art and artists to the community,” says Nathan Kurland, CGAF Board of Directors Chair.

“Art is an ever-expanding universe – so we are broadening our scope as well”, adds Monty Trainer, CGAF President.

Due to the pandemic, which put a hold on the festival on 2021, organizers say they’ve been overwhelmed with an influx of hundreds of applicants. However, CGAF continue its process of jurying all applicants who wish to showcase their work, and only the best of the best will make the cut.

(Therefore, expect more art, murals, and special art showcases then ever before.)

“We will have areas with display exhibits with large-scale murals and sculptures,” explains Camille Marchese, Artist Coordinator for CGAF. “Let’s call it COVID-lag. We have been overwhelmed with inquiries and expect a record number of artists to apply when we open our application process in July.”

The Coconut Grove Arts Festival is produced by the nonprofit Coconut Grove Arts and Historical Association, and proceeds help fund year-round arts programs. Since its inception in 1963, the association has awarded hundreds of scholarships to students who attend fine arts programs in local schools.

For tickets and for more information about the festival, click here.


Source:  Local 10 News

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